Mobile Website Design

Mobile Website Design; Currently, mobile website design is the fastest growing segment of Internet marketing in today’s marketplace. Smartphones and iPhones are everywhere; and if your company’s web presence isn’t optimized for mobile search, you can bet you’re losing sales and it is costing you money.


Now You Can Attract New Customer with Mobile Website Design


In a study by financial giant Morgan Stanley, analysts concluded that the mobile development will be bigger than desktop website development by 2015. Based on the change and adoption rates already being seen, the mobile development process will be focused on delivering better devices and improving data coverage. Thus far, the push for mobile website design has resulted in a huge explosion in mobile technology that far outpaces the growth and improvement of desktop or even laptop computing.

According to analysts:

“Mobile website e-commerce is gaining significant ground on online e-commerce, especially in categories like computers, consumer electronics, movie tickets, books, music and video games”


Social media marketing has eclipsed email use and more and more users are accessing social media sites from their mobile devices

In fact, as of 2011, the average iPhone or smartphone user spends just 45% of his on-device time making voice calls. The rest is spent using a variety of web applications.

Mobile website development isn’t the next frontier of web marketing – it is the “now” frontier. Do not let your business or organization get left behind by your competition. Serve your current clients and meet new prospective clients where they are at any given time of the day by optimizing your mobile web presence to include state-of-the-industry mobile website design.