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once upon a time, the term “web development” meant building a visually pleasing website and making sure your business cards and printed brochures listed your web address. Those days are long gone. Today, web development involves a whole host of technical, marketing and social aspects including:



In short, your company’s website is much more than the two-dimensional digital brochure it once was. Today, an effective web presence takes you and far beyond the confines of a desktop or laptop screen. iPhone and mobile sites take your company wherever your potential client happens to be at any given moment. Ecommerce development takes you into their shopping psyches. And social media weaves you into their professional and personal lives like never before.

Effective web development in the 21st century involves not just technical expertise, but knowledge of marketing, sales and social behavior factors as well. IT Pro Services boasts a team of top-notch professionals with experience in each of the fields that will help make your company a success. Call us at 904-677-0720 or contact us via our online email form to discuss your comprehensive marketing and web development plan today.

Website Development will include developing a CMS or Special coding based website only, the website front and backend of the website, include all related addons, plugins, technique. the customer are responsible for providing social network links to pages, and account, such as but not limited to, Facebook Page, group, or account, Twitter account, other social networking accounts. customer also responsible of adding the website into Bing Business Listing, Google Business Listing, other free or Paid listing.