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IT Out Sourcing

Time to reduce cost

As Business Owner we all looking to reduce cost by Reusing papers, reduce office supply, lay-off employee, make each employee work double the work, etc… But why don’t we work correctly to reduce cost. it is easy by outsourcing, and find another people that contract with to do the job, as we are talking about outsourcing.

IT outsourcing

IT outsourcing refers to outsourcing all or parts of IT functions to an external party. Information Technology Outsourcing (ITO) term can be seen as a subset of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO).The reasons for IT outsourcing include lack of resources and cost reduction. IT Outsourcing is sometimes called IT Enabled Services (ITES) Outsourcing.


Disaster Recovery Planning

Don’t wait until it’s too late..

A recent study discovered that, of companies experiencing a “major loss” of computer records, 43 percent never reopened, 51 percent closed within two years of the loss, and a mere 6 percent survived over the long-term. For small and medium-sized businesses (SMB’s) in particular, these statistics suggest the necessity of crafting a Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity strategy grounded in a robust data backup and recovery solution.

Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP)

Unlike enterprises, many small and mid-sized businesses cannot afford the optimal in-house strategies and technical solutions required to successfully initiate or execute in the event of a disaster. If this sounds like your business, you are currently running at an elevated risk of being put out of business due to any major loss of data. 

Loss of data could mean emails lost, accounting data lost, patient or client files lost, company records lost, client legal records or orders lost, and so on.

Through our years of experience in this area we know that disaster recovery is a major concern of an entire organization, not just data processing. To develop an effective plan, all departments should be involved. Within all departments the critical needs should be identified. Critical needs include all information and equipment needed in order to continue operations should a department be destroyed or become inaccessible.

Our specialist Disaster Recovery Consulting Team can help you devise a near bulletproof Disaster Recovery Plan, so that you can have total piece of mind that your critical systems and processes are safe, and/or can recover from any potential data loss situation.

Business Continuity Planning (BCP)

Along with a Disaster Recovery Plan, a Business Continuity Plan is the blueprint for how businesses plan to survive everything from local equipment failure to global disaster. Data-oriented BCP, an indispensable component of business planning regardless of organization size, poses the following challenges. Smaller businesses in particular, generally lack the in-house IT resources to achieve these demanding planning, technical and process requirements. 

Therefore, many SMB’s either neglect to implement any data-oriented business continuity plan or else approach data backup and recovery in a sporadic, rudimentary fashion that fails to conform to the best practices of BCP.

IT Assessments

 Is your IT working for you, or against you? Try the IT Assessments

Chances are, your IT environment has developed gradually. Over time, problems can emerge: performance gaps, redundancies, inefficiencies and unintended information silos take form. It can be very difficult, however, to see what is and isn’t working. Without this perspective it’s difficult to know where to invest your limited IT resources. 

We have developed a comprehensive, no-nonsense tool we call our Information Technology Assessment (ITA). We conduct a thorough, in-depth review of all of your critical technology areas, evaluate them against best practices and provide you with a road map to better leverage your IT as a competitive advantage.

Knowing Your Score Helps You Invest More Wisely

The We ITA employs a unique scoring system called the We Network Health Index, an easy to understand metric that measures each critical IT function. The Index makes it simple to identify your IT strengths and weaknesses. ITA analyzes an expansive range of IT functional areas, including:

·         Technology Management: planning, support and documentation

·         Network Topology: design, cable plant and Internet connectivity

·         Network Security: firewall, perimeter, physical and wireless security

·         Server Infrastructure: hardware, operating systems and storage

·         Network Services: directory services, administrative policies, remote access and redundancy

·         Network Applications: communication, collaboration and financial management

·         Cloud Services

·         PC Fleet

After we’ve completed our review, we’ll present you with a detailed ITA report that presents the current state of your technology, and offers detailed recommendations for areas requiring improvement, ranked by priority. 

Each ITA is a unique and concentrated effort that includes an on-site consultation and data collection, the report itself (comprising your specific Network Health Index, analyzes, best practices, recommendations and budgetary information) and a full in-person presentation.

Moving to the Cloud and need an assessment?

If you are currently in the process of moving part, or all of your IT assets to the Cloud, have you taken the necessary steps to ensure that your business is ‘Cloud ready’, and you don’t run into configuration and compatibility issues?

We offers a Cloud Readiness Assessment (CRA) where we perform a thorough evaluation of your IT environment, including all of your applications, security & compliance requirements, disaster recovery & business continuity, and lots more.

Cloud Readiness Assessments

Are you REALLY ready for the Cloud?

Cloud Computing, Cloud Migration, Public Cloud, Private Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, Software as a Service (SaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), Cloud Storage, Cloud Hosting, Cloud Backup, Hosted Exchange, Shared Resources, Dedicated Resources, Teleworking, RTO/RPO, Colocation, Single-tenancy, Multi-tenancy…..

Confusing isn’t it?

We has developed a comprehensive Cloud Readiness Assessment (CRA), where we conduct a high-level evaluation of your environment, and provide you with a clear road map to help you leverage the cost savings and competitive advantages available in the Cloud. This assessment will even go several steps further by taking into consideration the complexities and nuances of your particular business environment, making sure that you are truly ‘Cloud ready’.

Some of the topics and areas covered in a We CRA:

·         Reducing Costs: identifying consolidation opportunities, how to maximize ROI

·         Technology Management: cloud planning, support and documentation

·         Connectivity/Bandwidth Requirements: internet redundancy, load balancing

·         Cloud Application Connectivity: private and public connectivity, remote desktop, VPN’s, teleworking

·         Communication & Collaboration: email options, phone system options, team workflow/collaboration, instant messaging

·         Cloud Security & Compliance: private cloud vs public cloud, SAS 70 Type I & II HIPAA, FISMA and PCI compliant systems

·         Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity: availability (system uptime), recovery options (system and data)

After we’ve completed our thorough review, we’ll present you with a detailed Cloud Assessment that will help you make those important decisions about transitioning your business to the Cloud.