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What’s going on in the industry? What new techniques have emerged recently? What insights, tools, tips and tricks is the web design community talking about? Anselm Hannemann is collecting everything that popped up over the last week in his web development reading list so that you don’t miss out on anything. The result is a carefully curated list of articles and resources that are worth taking a closer look at. — Ed.

Microsoft Edge

Last week I was talking about avoiding working all day and night. But Erik actually added a valid point to it: For you as an employee, it’s not always easy to turn off devices and just not respond to requests of your manager. And many companies still have the thinking of “we pay you salary, so we pretty much own you”. This is not true and we all need to educate people, including our managers, to respect that. Because work without joy is not efficient work. And we need some downtime to deliver good work and enjoy our work.

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