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Like many of you, I’m not 100 percent sure what it is that I do for a living.

Okay, hear me out. I spend around eight hours a day acting as an engine that converts caffeine to websites. I can cobble together a pretty mean media query, I don’t mind saying. I have whole swaths of the HTML5 specification committed to memory—hell, I wrote some of it. I’m no slouch with JavaScript, and I can put borders on a div with the best of ’em. By any measure, I figure I qualify as a front-end developer.

But as I write this, I’m sitting next to someone working on the test262 project—a massive and incredibly complex suite of tests, written in JavaScript, that ensure that JavaScript itself is functioning as expected. Mike is a front-end developer too—same job title and everything—but the work he does is worlds apart from mine.

Some of us are focused on the ever-expanding landscape of Angulars and Embers and Reacts, some of us are interested in learning more about design systems and style guides, and some of us aren’t quite sure which parts of front-end dev are right for us. That’s okay, though—because there’s room here for all of us, as long as we learn how the pieces fit together.

That’s where our next event comes in: it’s filled with smart folks who span the range of front-end work, and it’s designed to help you explore the technologies and career paths that make up today’s front-end teams.

Event details

This event is free and everyone is welcome—just sign up to receive the viewing instructions. Here are the details:

Wednesday, November 4
1–2 p.m. EDT
via Google Hangout or YouTube livestream
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We’ll have 30 minutes of conversation between our panelists, and then open things up to questions from none other than you. We’ll also share the full video and transcript after the live show ends.

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