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About ITPS

ITPS  is a technology company that provides website hosting, designing, development, Virtual Private Server, and Dedicated Servers. We also understand the cost reduction goal for your business, so we provide IT Services, Website Management, and security services.

Our customers will always come first. To achieve this, we provide true 24/7 support to our entire customer base through Live Chat and Ticketing System. Our entire customers will reach our support team any time they need assistance with their web hosting account or their website. We tend to “give more” through our support; compared to other providers; we are always one step ahead in the customer service area by providing “more than we should” to our customers. We provide programming troubleshooting, tips to enhance their websites, and other advice to our customers who ask for free. Furthermore, our friendly customer service staffs are also available through the phone whenever a customer needs to have a guided tour for the service they have with us.


e will always make sure that our customer’s websites will be accessible 24/7 without any service interruption. To achieve this, we provide our entire customer base 99.99% uptime guarantee, which can check on our website. We pride ourselves on providing a 99.99% uptime guarantee because we always use the highest end of equipment available to date, loaded with the best software and applications to accommodate the reliability of our servers. This ensures that our servers will always serve our customer websites with the fastest speed possible.


We will always offer affordable services even though we are giving the best services and features to date. There is only one way to achieve this, to use the best and most unique marketing strategy in the web hosting industry. With traditional advertising, which most web hosting companies are doing, it is impossible to lower their service fees without sacrificing other aspects such as accommodating many customers into one server, which will cause server downtime and eventually cost them their customers. We have a very unique and powerful marketing strategy, which is a very low-cost one. With this strategy, we will always be able to keep our prices affordable.