SEO integration is to your company’s success what all the parts of an auto engine’s engaging is to making the car drive smoothly. Many entrepreneurs spend significant amounts of time, energy and money to prime their company websites’ on-site SEO, but fail to properly implement and manage other SEO drivers like in-bound link building and social media. While that haphazard approach to search engine optimization may have done the trick several years ago, it won’t today. In fact, it could tank your SEO efforts and affect your company’s bottom line.


Today, effective SEO integration demands a seamless working together of:


Your primary website’s on-site SEO

Your secondary website or campaign-specific landing pages

Off-site, inbound link-building including article and media release distribution and social bookmarking

Appropriate and targeted out-bound linking to potential feeder websites

Social media


iPhone and mobile websites

Promotional and advertising materials and events

Social media in particular has proven a solid SEO driver and a necessary element to your overall marketing approach, yet many business leaders admit to having a hard time understanding, navigating and implementing it. And as search engine companies continue to identify and lock down unscrupulous or “black hat” SEO tricks, the rules change almost weekly.


It takes a lot to keep up with all the ever-changing factors that affect SEO – but so does the day-to-day running of a business. That’s why IT Pro Services offers fully customized SEO integration tailored specifically to your business’ needs, goals and style. Our team of web developers and SEO engineers keeps up to the minute on industry trends and changes that can have a ripple effect on your integrated SEO efforts. Contact us via our online email form or Click to Call feature. We’ll analyze your current SEO efforts and results and help you develop a comprehensive plan for SEO and business success.